Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFL) Underway As Harriet Lays Egg, Watch Live Cam

It’s season 6 of the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam! The camera went live in October and faithful viewers have watched Harriet and M15 get the nest ready for their newest family members. On November 19, 2017, at 3:24 p.m., ET., Harriet laid her first egg. She has been resting and incubating the egg while enjoying a meal of opossum. You can watch the latest adventures with Harriet and M15 in the video player below.

Every year, people from all over the world tune in to watch the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. The live streaming cam is owned by Dick Pritchett, of Dick Pritchett real estate, and the nest is located in a tree on his property. The Pritchett property includes a pasture with horses and attracts plenty of wildlife, in addition to the bald eagles. The SWFL eagle cam first went live in September 2012.

There are three live cams that are set up, and the cam in the nest tree is approximately 60 feet above the ground. the nest is in a slash pine tree. You can change your view of Harriet and her mate M15 as you switch through the various cams. The video player below contains multiple cams provided by Dick Pritchet. Simply switch the cam view with the toggle bar.

Many fans of the live eagle cam have expressed excitement about the return of the cam, the eagles, and Harriet’s and M15’s new egg.


Lady Hawk has chronicled the SWFL Eagle Cam since the beginning of Season 6, which started on October 1, 2017. You can watch her videos in the playlist below.

Photographer and videographer Wskrsnwings provides original videos of the SWFL nest. Where many people follow the live eagle cam and make derivative videos from some of the most memorable moments, Wskrsnwings visits the nest and creates her own, unique videos.

Many times she captures scenes that others aren’t witnessing. When E9 fell out of the nest in season 5, the Internet freaked out. No one knew at that moment what would happen to the beloved eaglet. Wskrnswings captured the moment along with footage of E9 taking his/her first flight.

You can watch Wskrsnwings video collection for season 6 below.


Are you excited that Southwest Florida eagle cam is back? Are you watching the live stream?

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