Watch #GraveChat Live as John Edwards is Buried Alive To Create Drug Addiction/Suicide Awareness

John Edwards, from Walking Free ministries, is in Tampa Bay at the River Church where he is currently live streaming while being buried alive. A minister who is also a recovered drug addict and alcoholic, Edwards is buried alive as a way of reaching those who are living a life where they have one foot in the grave. Because it is live streaming, people may call or communicate via one of the live social media streams, and talk to Edwards. He also prays for people during the live stream. The shock of seeing #GraveChat starts the conversation that Edwards hopes will have a dramatic impact on viewers lives.

Originally from Ireland, Edwards takes his minsitry where it’s needed and that’s led him to Florida. Florida is currently leading the nation in the opioid crisis and Edwards wants those in Florida to know they are not forgotten, they are loved, and it’s not too late to find freedom, healing, and happiness. Walking Free ministries is based in the UK and has reached people across the globe with the Walking Free TV program and live streams, such as the one you can watch below.

It’s unclear whether Edwards will rise from the dead today or remain underground a bit longer as the campaign is suddenly taking off. 

You can contact John Edwards and Walking Free with the following contact information.

PHONE: 07402677943
TXT: 07402677943
facetime :
skype : gravechat
facebook Live :

What do you think of #GraveChat? Are you going to watch the live stream? Will you contact John Edwards? Do you think this is a good campaign and have you ever heard of #GraveChat before?

Please leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below and let us know if you’re watching the live stream.


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